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KT Boundary ?

Do we know if the iridium level increased radically on both Mars and Lunar, 65ish million years ago? Has the Solar system encountered an interaction with a section of our galactic "dust lanes" around that time?

Photo of earth from Lunar

What would a photo of earth look like from the moon during a total Luna eclipse? Is there one already?

Bonus Stuff

I subscribe to both spacetime and space nuts through supercast but am not getting any bonus material like I used to? Do I have to subscribe another way to get bonus material? Tim

Past programs

I can no longer access past programs, only current two. What to do?

planet formation?

Could planets have formed by small vortices along the same lines of pre main sequence large vortices that made the sun and when the sun went main sequence, that event blew all away not nailed down, exposing the planets? Should we be concerned that the temp of deep space is just - 3c warmer than 0 kelvin? John.